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O poważnym podejściu do UX Design z Wiebe Elsinga (ENG)


22 stycznia 2015

Kategorie: Wywiady
Autor: Monika

Już za 2 tygodnie Mobile Central Europe! Dziś trzecia z serii, a druga na temat projektowania User Experience, rozmowa z jednym z prelegentów tej konferencji. Moim gościem jest Wiebe Elsinga, inicjator holenderskiej grupy Google Developer Group Dutch Android User Group i lider zespołu w agencji Itude Mobile, zajmującej się tworzeniem stron i aplikacji mobilnych.

Wiebe’go pamiętam z zeszłorocznej konferencji, jego prelekcja bardzo mi się podobała. Chętnie więc posłucham go ponownie.

Wiebe wystąpi drugiego dnia konferencji MCE 2015, 06. lutego 2015, o godzinie 11, z tematem „Going from a good Android design to an awesome one”. Tymczasem zapraszam Was do lektury naszej krótkiej i treściwej rozmowy.

How to make a first step from a good design to an awesome one?

I think the first step is to understand the need for your app and how it is/will be used. If you don’t do usability research, you will not know what is/isn’t working with your app.

What is your UX golden rule then?

Don’t assume, do research. Most designers (and developers) think they know their way around UX. The world is changing and so it UX. A good example is that when Android became mainstream, designers had to take in consideration most users didn’t know there way around an Android device. So additional information had to be provided within the UX. Today this isn’t no longer an issue, so additional info isn’t necessary anymore.

What’s your take on UX’s current trends?

UX trends today differ. Apple is going for the flat design, and Android for Material Design. I still don’t know what is best but I tend to go for Material Design for now.

How do you like Material Design?

I really do like it. It’s a big step that Google (finally) took, to take UX/UI very seriously. Although technology is important to be able you do want you want on a device, making it work for users is as important. With the introduction of Material Design creating better and intuitive apps are made possible (although it’s still up to the creator of the app to think of how).

What are you favourite TOP 5 mobile apps?

  • Google Inbox – Simple yet powerful app that does the job. Designed wise, it shows you the way Material Design can work.
  • Google Keep – It helps me keep my thoughts clear. And I can always get to my notes everywhere and on every platform.
  • Talon for Twitter (Plus). Because I use twitter a lot, I was looking for a Twitter client with a better UX than the default one. Talon has many features, but the UX is clear.
  • Google+… I’m just a big G+ fan.

How can we design such an awesome mobile products?

As I mentioned previously, UX is a big part in the success of your app (iOS and/or Android). It can make or break your app. A good design is not good enough anymore, it has to be awesome. Don’t underestimate UX design, take it seriously (that’s what Google finally did).

And my tip to you on how to design awesome mobile apps, come to this years MCE and I will share my experience.

Which MCE talk are you most looking forward to seeing?

I’m really looking forward to Juhani’s (Juhani Lehtimäki) talk called: „Dear developers, design details matter”. I know Juhani, and I know his talks are good. And as you might expect the topic is close to my passion, design.

See you at MCE2015 then!

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