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Matt Lee o swojej pracy badacza w Booking.com – wywiad


18 kwietnia 2015

Autor: Monika

UX Poland 2015 już pojutrze! Jesteście gotowi? :-)

Chciałabym Was rozgrzać zapisem rozmowy z Mattem Lee! Matt pracuje jako Senior User ResearchBooking.com. Pamiętam wystąpienie Matta z zeszłorocznej edycji (tutaj przeczytasz relację), podczas której przekonywał nas do idei naturalistic testing…

W tym roku Matt (w duecie z Danem Maccarone z Charming Robot) poprowadzi dwudniowe warsztaty pod tytułem „The Ins and Outs of user research”. Biorąc pod uwagę niesamowite doświadczenie Matta w tym obszarze, z całą pewnością będą to dwa dni po brzegi wypełnione wskazówkami, inspiracjami i gotowymi zestawami dobrych praktyk.

Tymczasem zapraszam do lektury serii pięciu Q&A!

Matt, I remember your talk from UX Poland 2014. Are you still getting out of the office to do the user research? :) Or maybe you are attracted with some other research tool, which you can share your thoughts on?

Yes, I still travel internationally at least twice a quarter. We are definitely trying out remote research methods to see, if we can increase our efforts with less travel. But the short answer is we still have to travel and see how different cultures react to our products.

How does your typical work day look like when you are at the office and not travelling?

My typical day is something that a lot of people are interested in. Haha :-) I honestly don’t think it is anything special, but as a researcher you wear different hats everyday. In addition to regular research work such as prepping, conducting, and analysis of both quantitative and qualitative research, there is new horizon thinking. A lot of my time is spent understanding and coming up with new ways we can innovate either the research that we conduct for mobile platforms or for the travel industry that I work in.

I really like the way which Booking.com is evolving in. There is a lots of clever solutions which really helps the user while travelling and being mobile. Could you share the stats, how many MAU do you have on mobile devices? What are the main differences between the users who surf through your website versus mobile app? How do their behaviour differ?

I can’t say numbers, but I would say we stay pretty close to industry average. In terms of how people’s behaviours differ, there are definite differences. The biggest difference is, the context. You cannot take a desktop with you (for the most part), but your mobile is attached to you at all times. So the context in which people use the device versus the desktop changes.

Could you point out some differences between behaviour in mobile context when comparing Poles and users from some other country?

Well, Polish people use Windows phones in higher numbers than the rest of the world. Behaviorally that is a big change. So then the next question becomes where is the ROI? Can you build for a platform that only a small percentage of the population will use versus putting your resources on something that will improve experiences for the majority. Of course the answer to all that is YES. It is just a matter of prioritization.

Could you provide us with some tips how we can design better mobile products?

Think of the user journey. What do they want to achieve on a mobile device versus what do they want to achieve on the desktop. Do these things intersect or do they diverge. In most cases they diverge at least a little bit and in these instances, make sure you design for the user while using THAT platform. There is still a push for reactive design and creating a common experience throughout various platforms, but I challenge you to ask the question, why? In some cases, yes, there is a consistent platform that can be used across platforms, but I bet a person on a mobile device has different needs. Whether its hotels, shoes, banking, or anything else. Where and what is the user doing on a mobile that changes the conversation from the desktop.

Thank you. See you in 3 days!

Drodzy, do zobaczenia w Warszawie na UX Poland :-) Nie mogę się doczekać!



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